How It All Began

From a vision and passion, to reality. This is how WA's concessional registration scheme for classic vehicles all began... 

Figure 1 - Eddie Ieraci who spearheaded the $90 for 90 days concessional licensing campaign which has been instrumental in bringing about the now legislated Concessions for Classics (C4C) concessional licensing scheme.

The Fight                         To Cut Red Tape

It was the $90 for 90 days concessional licensing scheme that was introduced in South Australia that caught my eye and got me thinking, “We should have that here in Western Australia as well.”

I then decided to start an online petition in 2018 to see how much support I would get from the car enthusiast's in WA. I soon realised that there was a huge amount of people signing it in such a short time. I then decided I wanted to go to the next level and put a face to the name behind the petition and what would have been a better starting point than the biggest car show of all The Hotrod and Street Machine Spectacular at the Claremont show grounds in 2019.

It was there where I started getting manual signatures from everyone inside the complex and I have Stan Khose, the Show Manager with Rita Khose and Stephen Khose working in the show to thank for that, as it was no easy task getting me in.

I also went to the Custom Cars and Coffee at the Motorplex (see Figures 3), a guy by the name of Jason Fuller got me into the complex to get more signatures. That was the day Mic Rac joined me to help with signatures and questions. Mick Rac had thousands of followers on his street machine facebook page which helped get the word out.

While the iron was hot we ended up in contact with Today Tonight who wanted to do a story on my petition because at that stage it had more than 10,000 signatures! See Figure 1.
I had organised 2 guys with their cars, Brad Fletcher's 1971 Ford Fairmont and Mervyn Kruger's 1969 HT along with my 1957 Buick. This was on the 13th September 2019.

It was after this point that Mic Allender had joined us. Mick Allender had been lobbying the then Barnett government from 2016 onward seeking concessional licensing for street rods. All 3 of us then started meeting up with the Ministers for Transport, and as they say, “The rest is history”. In April 2021, the McGowan Government introduced the Concessions for Classics (C4C) concessional licensing scheme. See Figure 2. 

Click here see the Today Tonight story. 

Getting                         Together

Standing in front of the right front quarter of Eddie’s ‘57 Buick, from left to right are Mic Rac, Eddie Ieraci, The Hon Rita Saffioti MLC (Minister for Transport) and Mick Allender among a number of supporters of the idea of concessional licensing for classic cars.
Eddie, Mick Allender and Mic Rac are considered to be the founding members of the scheme and are members of the peak body West Australian Street Machine Association (WASMA) to represent customised vehicle owners interests to stakeholders. 

C4C Cutting The Red Tape