Concessions for Classics

WA State Governments discounted registration scheme for classic/modified vehicles.

A lot of people are either talking about starting a club or asking how to start a club for C4C. I am no expert in this, but this should get you going. I will say first though, that its not easy, it takes time and it takes money. It is far easier to join an established club and this will include WASMA (shameless promotion of the peak body being set up presently).

First of all, look here for what the DoT want and expect out of a club that will be able to offer C4C

Next is get your group started and choose or elect an executive committee. Set up bank accounts, work out a letterhead and contact details, Get a constitution, get incorporated, details here

Work out where and when you are going to meet then advertise to get more members.

Remember you will also need to contact the ATO to set up your club for tax purposes and set up your tax free status. This I recommend you get an accountant to do for you and allow them to advise you on what accounting software to use and how to set it up. There will be stuff that has been missed, so do your research.

There will be people out there that can help with all of this and if you do go ahead, Ask these people. It is not that far removed from starting a business really.

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