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Drive Risk Management

Driver                         Risk Management


Frequently asked questions

  • Who owns the track?
    Driver Risk Training. Directors are Kim Ledger and Alister McRae (yes, him)
  • Who manages the track?
    General Manager Mia Taylor Ph 08 6364 8555
  • Where is the track?
    17Km east of Perth City Centre at the International Airport.
  • Where can I find more information?
    Visit DRM's web site at https://www.driverrisk.com.au
    or take a look at their flyer HERE
  • What services are available?
    Edriving smartphone app www.edriving.com Drivetech simulator group facilityDriver development and Training (4WD, Emergency Response)Public Hire of facility

DRM Relevant Conditions

Things to consider when visiting Driver Risk Management

  • 1. Groups of facility users comprising more than 4 cars and drivers (for either Skid Pans orGroups of facility users comprising more than 4 cars and drivers (for either Skid Pans or the Main Circuit) are required to nominate a 'responsible person' to manage vehicle flow on and off these areas throughout the duration of hire. This person must ensure participants adhere to the track densities, maintain minimum distances between each of the vehicles, correct reversed parking and slow speeds across car park and admin block property.
  • 2. DRM personnel will observe the group and responsible person to ensure adherence to requirements. Failing to comply with these rules may result in cancellation of your booking without notice and loss of any fees paid.
  • 3. One vehicle on skid pan at any one time
  • 4. No drifting, burnouts, and no cutting corners so that edges are preserved.
  • 5. Comply with sound emission levels 94Dba. Random testing will occur. Individual or group will be immediately excluded
  • 6. Booking client manages their own first aid
  • 7. They require the insurance information of the group and ask to see a copy of the policy
DRM Pricing Table

DRM Pricing Table  - (Prices subject to change. This table to be used as a guide only).