Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is WASMA?

    a. WASMA stands for West Australian Street Machine Association.

        WASMA was formed to bring a unified voice to owners of modified cars in Western Australia, working with Government and its various departments to better the modified vehicle experience for all West Australians.

WASMA will also work with clubs to help them for the benefit of their members and to promote Street Machining to the community to improve its standing.

2. Will WASMA support the 404 concessional registration schemes?

    a. Yes. Both the existing code 404 and upcoming C4C schemes are available to WASMA affiliated club members through their clubs. WASMA will not be providing direct access, it is available through clubs.

3. Does WASMA allow members to have multiple vehicles registered on C4C or 404?

    a. Yes. DOT advise there is no limit to the number of vehicles a member can have on

        either scheme (Code 404 or C4C), providing the vehicles qualify for those schemes

4. Does WASMA Organise events?

    a. No. Events are organised by clubs and available to WASMA affiliated club members. WASMA encourages the sanctioning of all club events, allowing owners of concessionally licensed cars to use their cars to the full extent possible.

5. Will my post 1990 vehicle qualify for C4C?

    a. No. C4C cut off is December 1989. However, WASMA will continue to work with the DOT to increase availability, hopefully with a rolling qualifying manufacturers date, but for now, 1990 is the limit..

6. How much does membership cost?

    a. There are two ways to join WASMA. Either through an affiliated club, where membership to WASMA is included in your fees, or become full member directly with WASMA ($50pa). WASMA full memberships currently are limited to those who started it, as we encourage everyone to join an affiliated club.

7. How much does it cost for our club to become affiliated?

    a. WASMA can provide membership for all your members, including

        access to the app for logging C4C and 404 usage, for $3 per member

        per year. Club fees are capped at a maximum of $300 per club per year.

8. What benefits are available to WASMA members?

    a. WASMA provides a unified voice when negotiating with DOT

    b. C4C and 404 concessional registration scheme access through DOT approved Motoring Clubs.

    c. Mobile App for logging your C4C or 404 use.

9. Can I use the WASMA App?

    a. Yes, the WASMA App is freely available to all WASMA affiliated clubs and their members who qualify for either C4C or 404.

10. How does the WASMA App work?

    a. We have prepared a short video to show the basic features of the app.

        Click here to view the video.

11. What if I become un-financial within my club?

    a. It is each club’s responsibility to ensure members remain financial. The onus is on the club’s         registrar to notify DOT of any members who are no longer financial within their         organisation. If you fall into that category, DOT will issue an account for your vehicles         registration to make up the difference between the concessional registration and the usual         full registration fee.